From Ralph (Randy)

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Here are pictures of the two items that dad passed on to me. One is
the old stove. Dad (Ralph) had it cleaned and repainted and then had
it in the garage with a sheet over it in Hermann for quite a while. He
told me that while he was cleaning it he pulled the straw from a broom
that grandma used to clean it out of a crack in the stove where it had
gotten stuck. He and Mom (Gerry) then sat down and cried for a while.
( Since Mom was an orphan she always looked at grandma in a special
way. I remember her always calling her “Mom”. It was not until many
years later that I began to appreciate what a special relationship that
was for Mom. ) I remember Dad would go out and take the sheet off of
it every now and then and look at it for a while

 When I was a kid he and I would go hunting and then come back to
grandma’s and sit in front of that stove. You had to keep rotating so
that the front would not burn and the backside could get warm. I used
to sit and put my feet on the stove until my soles would start to smell.
Dad would smack my legs and tell me to get my feet off. The stove. I
was amazed by the black coal bucket….and the dust that it left all over.

The stove now sits in my study. I had a special base built for it and
had even looked into having it hooked up but the cost was
prohibitive, we would have to build a fire wall etc. The office has a
large Mission rocker and a roll top desk so the stove looks right at

The other piece that I have is the clock. I remember when it would ring late at night at Grandma’s
when we slept in the east bedroom. When Dad brought it home I remember it ringing at night in our
family room. He would oil and clean it so carefully every now and then. He would tell me how all they
used to do was soak a rag in kerosene and then close it up in the clock and the fumes would keep
the machinery oiled. The clock now sits in our dinning room. It does not run now and I am a bit
apprehensive about taking it to someone to work on. I have the hands set at 11:30-which is the time
that Dad passed away. I am always tempted to try and turn them back…………….I miss him. If I heard
it once I heard it a thousand times. “Time and tide wait for no man.”

Other things--

Glen would always be laughing hard and then shout out “ Ralph, Ralph remember when……….

Aunt Marjorie would come down to Grandma’s and have a cup of coffee in the morning

Digging in the dirt under the big Elm in front. I have one of Grandma’s spoons that is worn flat on
one side mounted and hanging on our kitchen wall. I also have a piece of the old tree that I took as
it was dying and before it was removed. It is in a sealed jar that sits on a shelf in my study. People
always wonder about what it is. We all know it is a lifetime of memories.

Someone-?Glen or Noble-separating 2 bulls, that got into a fight in Grandma’s front yard, with a

Grandma listening in on the party line and telling me to hush while she was trying to listen.

Dropping David on the porch while we were getting cleaned up and ready for church, him crying
and Grandma spanking me.

Standing in a basin, buck naked and washing with a rag and some home made soap…….out on the
front porch at night no less.

The mouse hole in the baseboard in the dining room that Grandma used to keep a piece of soap
pushed up against.

Sweet tea


The Bear coat in the smoke house

Farm cats

Hail bailers

The drinking cup that used to hang on the pump in front of the milk house

The milk house

The barn

The chicken yard and gathering eggs

The chicken dung!

Me asking Uncle Glen what the terrible smell was as we were riding by the Powell place-it was hog
dung-him smiling and looking at me with a big grin and saying “Why Randy, that’s money your

Riding on the running board of the trucks or in the bed of the pickups and leaning over the cabs

Fishing at Glen’s pond

The diving board at Uncle Noble’s pond

Dad betting Gordon that he could hit 60 MPH in our old car between Breckenridge’s (MB's note--I
think it was Breckens) and Grandma’s on the gravel road. The dust swirling and then the two of
them then arguing about whether he made it or not.

Heirlooms Continued
Schutz Reunion 2006