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Paula (Noble Schutz) Heibner's Family

 Todd Heibner's family.

Marilyn and Marcia's (Beryl Schutz Collins)
Brown's  Family

                                           At Dad's                        
                                          2/'06. Dad  recently        
                                           fell and suffered             
                                             brain contusions.          
                                                  (Marilyn's dtr)
Teague with dtr Alyssa, Erica (Marcia's dtr)
Jackson, J.D. Collins, Alaina (Rachelle's dtr)
Teague, and Jill (Marcia's dtr) Jackson.
Schutz Reunion 2006
Mike (Laura Schutz Manker) Manker's Family

Remington Albert Snoke,
                                                                   age 3 1/2 months,(as of 7/22/06)                   
                                                                                Lacey & Jon's son.
L-R Wedding in Nov. Most recent family photo         
Lance is a senior at Ft Hays State University, Hays KS.
Also has a ferrier (horse trimming /shoeing) business.
I'm just waiting for an early retirement offer.
Neva works part time in an insurance office.
Lacey & John Snoke live in Curtis, NE. She works
for a law firm in North Platte. John, is employed with
Ag Valley COOP. Lanay is a sophomore at the Universtity of Nebraska
at Kearney, my old school, majoring in psychology.
Joy (Laura Schutz Manker) Richter's Family
Joy's daughter, Karen, with
husband, Vince, and daughter, Chloe
baby boy arriving August 2006

                                                              Joy with children,
                                                           Karen & Leo, 05/03

Joy with husband, Floyd, and
granddaughter, Zoe, 05/05
                                                             Joy & Floyd,
                                                             April, 2006

                                                                  Joy & Zoe

Nathan & Katie Parker
Floyd's dtr and her husband
Currently students at
University of NE, Lincoln
David delivering mail to
Aunt Imogene in April,
Ray and Linda (Schutz)
Jeremy, Aidan, Tonya
Dr. Ralph Schutz's family (He was called Randy by all
of us--but he tries hard to change that) son of Ralph
Schutz. His Dad was heard often to jokingly
say..."Tell Randy, when he finishes his education,
that I am proud of him." Fortunately, U. Ralph lived
long enough to see Randy practice his profession.

                           Ralph, Paula and Daughters
Rachel Yarwood Quam and
Marilyn's family
at the reunion.
Ronnie and Marilyn
Jay, Rachelle, Alaina
& Alyssa Teague
Nathan & Heather
Cox Family
(Trista Heibner Cox)