Reunion Comments
Schutz Reunion 2006
I will not be able to express in words my feelings about this past
weekend and Schutz family reunion of Grandma Ruby Schutz's
grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great
grandchildren. I feel blessed to have been able to talk, laugh, cry,
kid each other, and eat together.
Even though Grandma's life was not easy and I am sure lonely at
times, she remained steady and strong, passing down a beautiful
heritage to us.  I would like to believe she knows, in some measure,
how much we love and appreciate her.  
I want to say to Marilyn.........thank you for all of your hard work
in pulling this reunion together and developing and maintaining
the website.  Only you know the time and energy spent, but the
result will be forever in our memories.  
To everyone who has submitted pictures, memories, and
comments.......I have enjoyed them so much.  I read them......cry a
little and then laugh a little!!!!  
To Mike, Tommy, Jimmy, Joy and Mark............we missed you and
hope that we will be able to see you at our next reunion, if not
Love you all..............Paula